We’re back to conclude our special top 50 two-part podcast series as Ben and Colin give their take on what they believe are the top 50 movies of all time! How does our criteria change compared to our top 50 TV shows from yesterday? Was this easier or harder than yesterday? Can we distinguish between our favourite movies and what we think are the best movies of all time? Will Colin and Ben have many of the same movies, more so than the TV shows? Can Ben avoid putting Die Another Day on this list? Will Colin go off about Titanic again? How old will we go back with some of these films and what are the most recent films on our list? Is there a specific genre that we feel is the best more so than others? Why are there so many movies from our childhood that bring a bit of laughter when we bring them up? What movies missed out that perhaps should’ve made the list? #BringBackBilly. And just what is our top ten and how much debate will be done over it? It’s all in another interesting and fun episode so get listening!


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