It’s the real pointy end now of the 5th season of Third Watch as we move into the 21st and penultimate episode Higher Calling. Does Ben actually have a face? Are we over the LSAT storyline already given it’s pointless? Why does it make no sense for Sully to be in such a different mood considering this is the next day from last episode? Is Grace’s opening essentially just an over the top 80s action movie cliché? How amazing is Kate Jackson at portraying a character that isn’t all there? Why did Yokas like about not having kids? Is the plot twist about Rebecca a good one or a bad one? Is there a top 5 moment in this episode? Do we appreciate how good Henry Winkler is at serious acting and being a sleazeball? How much of a douchenozzle is Fred once again? Do we appreciate Carlos going off at Grace how he does? How great is the scene between Bosco and Cruz? Do we actually get a conclusion to the Henry Winkler/Kate Jackson storyline? And Gene Simmons, what do we think? It’s all here to discuss so listen!



One thought on “Third Watch Season 5, Episode 21 ‘Higher Calling’ Recap

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