We are getting closer and closer to the end of another season of Lost and today we will get another step towards that point by recapping the 21st episode of the 3rd season, Greatest Hits. What would be on our greatest hits list if we had to make one? Is this episode one of the most emotional episodes of all time? Why couldn’t Charlie swim in season 1 but can now? How bad is the mugger in the alley? Is the Charlie and Claire relationship one of the most underrated in the history of Lost? Are we glad to see Carl return? Would there really be a greatest hits album for Driveshaft released if Charlie was presumed dead? Why does Korea not have subtitles on this episode on their Netflix? How great is Jack in this episode? How emotional is the moment between Hurley and Charlie on the beach? And how does the big twist at the end compare to other end of episode twists from this season? It’s all ramping up into a big finale so keep listening!



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