Can you be seen? Or are you hidden? Well today we try and answer the question if you are In Plain View by looking at the 20th episode of the 5th season of Third Watch. Did we know the state bird of Louisiana is the pelican? What is the state of Missouri? Why is this an episode just full of ‘nothing bad will happen will it’ moments? Is it just a setup for Yokas to become a detective next season? Why is Charlie in the bathroom for an hour? Is Fred now #JerkFacedFred? Is the Sasha and Davis stuff feeling weird still? Do they have any chemistry? Do we like Kate Jackson being on Third Watch? Were their Emmy snubs again for this episode? Why do we love Betty White? Is Henry Winkler just doing his job and not doing a bad job during the trial? How does this episode turn dark very quickly? Is the abuse storyline too open ended without a conclusion? How does this episode get scary? Has the show now really turned into more of a Criminal Minds style show? Is the Sully reaction and scene with Davis needed or is it completely wasted and out of place? And why is this episode ‘to be continued’? You’ll be drinking heaps of water in this episode so go to the bathroom and get listening!



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