Another week of Lost goodness is here as we get into the real meaty episodes of season 3 and look at the 20th episode of the season, The Man Behind The Curtain. Why does the rivalry between Ben and Locke go into real life as well as on the show? How sad are we to hear about the news that Murphy Brown has been cancelled and why is that relevant to this episode? Are we sick of seeing another daddy issue storyline? Why are we disturbed over the actor who plays Horrace and what he got up to in real life? Who is Annie and why does she just disappear? Are we all a bit concerned about where Matthew Fox is? Seriously…where is he? How dark and sinister is the gassing scene? Can we say this again…how great is Michael Emerson? Why do we need to make the most of Sayid now before he turns into a zombie? Does Ben never drink alcohol? How amazing is Locke beating up Mikhail? Should we re-watch Malcolm In The Middle? How amazing is the cabin scene? And how amazing is the closing of the episode? It’s a memorable one so be sure to tune in and get excited!



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