It’s another spoiler free review as we look at the epic monster crossover Godzilla: King of Monsters. Does this sequel successfully improve on the flaws of the 2014 original? Is it clear that none of the critics have ever seen a Godzilla movie before? How does Michael Dougherty keep Godzilla’s presence stronger when off screen in this movie without showing him that much more than the last film? Do the remade Ghidorah, Rodan and Mothra live up to the hype as the ultimate foes of Godzilla? How did Jamie manage to miss almost everything important that happened during a 10 minute bathroom break? Can Colin get over his love of the 65 years worth of monster movies that preceded this to really appreciate what this movie delivers? Why do Colin and Jamie disagree on Millie Bobby Brown’s acting? Are they in complete agreement on Kyle Chandler being one of the most amazing actors alive? Is Ken Watanabe much further behind on that list? Are we more or less excited about next year’s Godzilla vs Kong now? And does anyone actually get nuked in the face? It’s the kaiju battle of the century in this giant monsters all out attack picture. Listen to our review as we promise at least twice as much Godzilla as the 2014 original delivered.



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