It’s another random re-watch episode this week as we bring you a special crossover episode with our sister show Double Oz Seven to look at the very first episode of the iconic kids show James Bond Jr with the episode The Beginning. Were kids dumber in the early 90s to actually understand why this was a show? What is the deal with fat Jaws? Why does it take half this episode just to introduce all 5034 characters? Does Felix Leiter really work for James Bond or is that just offensive? What is the deal with Gordo Leiter’s mullet? Why do all the characters look different from the movies? Why was Ben caught out watching Pinky & The Brain as a kid? Does anything work in this show from a continuity point of view from all the James Bond series in general? And is this more watchable than Die Another Day? It’s an odd(job) of an episode and you know those are the best ones to listen to! So tune in!


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