It’s another spoiler free review for you today as Ben & Mallory discuss the latest Disney live action remake that is taking the world by storm, Aladdin! Was this movie any different to the 1992 cartoon or is it once again a remake that is exactly the same? Why is Mallory annoyed of the feminist changes this movie brings? Is Will Smith right for the role as the Genie? Does Mena Massoud fit the role of Aladdin or does he seem to taking it as a bit of a joke? What is the deal with all the American accents in an Arabic movie? Is it annoying that there isn’t more talking from the bird? Is Jafar better in this film than the cartoon? Does the music work or is too altered? And does talking about it after seeing it make us like it or hate it more? You’ll be wanting to find a friend like us as you listen to this episode to entertain you on those long Arabian nights to find out all the answers and more!


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