It’s time for another Third Watch episode in one of the most memorable episodes you’ll ever see as we look at the 15th episode of the 5th season No More, Forever. Why is this Dorvell’s favourite episode in the history of Third Watch? Has any other major TV show ever had such a drastic change with a major character over a long run like Third Watch does with Doc? Could this storyline with Doc be based on someone real? Does the Ally storyline really belong in this episode? How great is a Nicholas Turturro’s acting despite it being a storyline that was never that special and shouldn’t be in this episode? How great is the editing in the opening of the episode? How did they promote this episode to really get people in? Why doesn’t the person downstairs call in the gunshots when Doc starts firing? Just how shocking is the moment when Doc shoots Steeper? Should they have done this episode 24 style and done it in real time? Do we like Davis randomly snapping at Cruz? Is it great to see another random character interaction between two characters that don’t ever get to interact? Is it right that they don’t kill Doc off? How did Michael Beach not get an Emmy nomination for this episode? And do we have the number one moment from this season in this episode? It’s a powerful one that you will remember forever, so listen and ready yourself.



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