It’s another week of Lost and another week to find out if perhaps you’re One Of Us as we look at the episode of the same name, being the 16th episode of season 3! Is this episode one of the most unquotable episodes in the history of the show? How much do we need to learn about airport guard in this episode? Is Juliet to blame for being roofied and tied up? Is Michael Emerson the Michael Jordan of acting? Is Sabine Ethan’s wife? Is Elizabeth Mitchell the best female actor on this show? Are we excited to see Goodwin again? How have we managed to sell out this episode in trying to get sponsors? Is Richard a bit creepy filming kids at a playground? Why do we do a terribly boring segment in this episode? Why is Jack back to being a Jackass all of a sudden? Is Claire sick just too much? And how amazing is the ending of this episode? Click away and listen away!



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