Do you sometimes feel Blessed and Bewildered? Well now you can listen to us talk about an episode of the same name as we chat about the 13th episode of the 5th season of Third Watch! How have we lost our only listener? How can we still not like Steeper even though he is sort of right? How great is Holly? How weird is happy Doc and the fact that Doc wants to have a party? Why is the guy at Ally’s restaurant like a character from The Simpsons? How great is it to have Adam Beach back for one more appearance? How happy are we that Patty D is back and how perfect is she as Bosco’s mother? Is Kim unfairly put in a lot of shit this episode? Why doesn’t Cruz get invited Doc’s party? Who is the douchenozzle detective guy? What has happened to Kylie and is she ok? How is dirty kid involved in the episode? How great is the camera work around Doc when he confronts Steeper? How great is it to hear Dorvell ‘having a whinge’ more so than Ben for once? How great are the subtle moments from Doc in this episode in the lead up to next week? How great does Anthony Ruivivar sell Carlos and not knowing how to deal with a family? Do we like Monroe’s quick turn around or is it annoying? And how great is the scene with Christian at the end of Doc’s party? It’s all leading into a big episode next week so get into it!



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