After our preview of the Amazing Race/ Survivor/ Big Brother crossover season last week, we’re back to see how good or bad our predictions on the long awaited return of The Amazing Race can be. How happy are we all to have Colin and Christie back after a 26 season absence? Why are our opinions divided on what Tyler and Korey can bring a second time around? Why are the Survivor teams doing so bad, and how are Chris and Bret the best of the Survivor bunch despite having such an embarrassing moment? Are the challenges pretty lackluster for a premiere despite climbing “Mount Fuji”? Was shoe eating the worst challenge in recent memory, or so bad that it’s good? How frustrating was the 4 hour penalty and did it ruin the end of the episode? And can Colin and Jarrod change Rossi’s opinion on seeing Rupert back on reality TV? We’re bringing you more Amazing Race coverage, and much more mayonnaise as we return to recap the premiere of Season 31!


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