It’s another week of Nip/Tuck with only a few more episodes to go till we wrap everything up. Hard to believe right? Well believe it right now as we move into the 15th episode of the 6th season Virginia Hayes. How amazing is this episode? How is Ben being positive about another season 6 episode? Do we like the big flashbacks to the very first season? How great is it to have Escobar back for one more episode? Why aren’t we sick of this ongoing storyline despite it being repeated yet again? How amazing is the music in this episode? Which scenes could possibly make our final 5 at the end of this season? And how are we talking about this being so amazing when it’s a season 6 episode? Get your Cars on an dig some holes for another episode you want to listen to!



One thought on “Nip/Tuck Season 6, Episode 15 ‘Virginia Hayes’ Recap

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