It’s time to close in a bit further on the conclusion of the fourth season of Third Watch as we get to the penultimate episode of the season with our recap of the 21st episode Closing In. Why does Fred hate Bosco so much all of a sudden? Do we get to see a bit of nudity this episode? Is Fred secretly hanging out with Jimmy at his job? What is Fred’s job specifically? Does Dorvell offend women in this episode? Do teenagers really ask their parents for condoms and sexual advice? How great is it to see Nia Long finally appear? Do we like the crazy guy and his fairies? How great is the acting between Tia Texada and Jason Wiles? Should Kim know where Noble’s hotel is already? Why does the hotel have such bad security? Could Ben get a date with Britney Spears if he asked for one in a hotel in New York? And do we like the ending or is it a bit cheesy? It’s leading us closer to a big finale next week so listen and get thrilled!


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