It’s time to once again head back to the DC Universe to see if Ben & Colin will find themselves defending a movie everyone seems to hate or whether or not it will be the opposite this time as we look at the absolute mind jumble of a movie that is Aquaman. What do we even think of this movie? Is this a movie that you really need to see more than once to fully understand? Are there any connections to other DCEU movies or have they seemingly just forgotten about it completely? What is it about comic book movies and taking a middle-aged Australian actress and turning them completely awesome and badass? And just how great is Nicole Kidman? How great is Willem Dafoe? And how great is Michael Beach? Can Jason Momoa and Amber Heard act? Is the stuff on land more interesting? Is this movie just a redone version of Black Panther? And do we want to see this film again just to make our minds up on if we liked it or not? Get yourself under the sea and listen away for our last movie review of 2018!


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