It’s time to wrap up our Christmas movies for 2018 with the ultimate Christmas movie. Yes, the one you’ve been waiting for. IT’S DIE HARD BABY! Why is this a Christmas movie and everyone who says it isn’t wrong? Why is Colin crying during this episode? Does Colin have super cool parents that we all wish we had? Is John McClane an 80 year old in a 30 year old body? How great were the 80s, seriously? Why would the computer make you go to the toilet? With so many great one liners, why are there some that really just don’t work? Why is there a Pearl Harbor reference that Ellis finds so funny? And on Ellis, do we like him? Why could we go for nine hours in this episode if we really wanted to? Is Theo better than Ellis? How much do we love Holly? How is she related to Macaulay Culkin? Does Alan Rickman have one of the best voices in movies ever? Are other people in this movie overly dumb? Why are people eating scented Kleenex? Is Holly more ballsy than John? Why are we so excited to talk about Robert Davi again in this episode and just have to play a clip from our interview with him? How does Ben forget that Colin has to talk about parts in this movie? And seriously, can we just stop and say that THIS MOVIE IS SO DAMN AMAZING AND IS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE! Click on the button and give us your best  yippee ki-yay as we give you our final movie recap for 2018!


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