It’s time for one of the most iconic episodes of Third Watch as we get into the 18th episode of the 4th season Last Call. Do we like the use of Johnny Cash at the beginning of this episode? How many compliments  can we give Skipp Sudduth throughout this episode? How great is it to have some classic Bosco back, even for a few minutes? How amazing is the scenery throughout this episode? Does the lack of music and score add to it or make it worse? Should Bosco & Davis know what a seizure is? Seriously, how great is Skipp Sudduth and who could we remove from the 2003 Emmy pool to give him a nomination? How powerful and great is the final scene? And can we forgive this episode for one giant plot hole? It’s a powerful ride so strap yourself in and prepare yourself.

Also see below for our change of history that has been a long time coming:




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