PUT THE COOKIE DOWN! NOW! Ah…now that we have the best line in the history of movies out of the way it’s time to get into our penultimate Christmas movie of 2018 by looking at the classic that is Jingle All The Way from 1996. Why is this movie fun in being dumb? Is it the last of its kind? How much of a dead beat dad is Arnie? Is Phil Hartman actually a good guy in this film? Is Rita Wilson actually just Maria Shriver? Is Arnold Schwarzenegger actually Tommy Wiseau? Why is Phil Hartman dumb for telling Arnie to put chains on his tires? Is this movie so dumb it’s just so fun? Does Ben even know who Sinbad is? Is Sinbad annoying? What line in this film should be considered greater than it is when it comes to Arnie one liners? How great is the random cop? Why can we skip through a bunch of toy smugglers fighting but appreciate a man flying around on a jet pack? Is Arnie ever just really Mr Joe America with that accent? Did the profession of mattress salesman receive an influx of applicants after this film? Why do we need to start a #JusticeForMyron campaign after this? And why is a line involving a box up there as one of the funniest in this movie? It’s TURBO TIME and LISTENING TIME!



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