It’s past the half way point of our Christmas movies ‘month’ as we move into the oldest film we’ve ever looked at on our show, the 1954 classic White Christmas. Is this movie actually a Christmas movie? Why does Ben get so angry about this not being a Christmas movie? Is this a remake of another movie? Do people really look that old in the 50s? Is there snow in Florida? Why is it sad there isn’t any guinea pigs in this movie? Why are people stealing mail in this movie and not going to jail? Is there more lip syncing in this movie than is ever credited? Does Bing Crosby look his age or younger? Does General Waverly care about his family at all? How do we manage to quote so many Rush Hour movies in this recap? Are the dresses too poofy in this movie? Is Betty annoying? Do we like Judy better? Why does Mallory agree so much with Colin in this episode? And do we all love this movie? Get yourself in a time machine and listening to some classic music in a movie that may or may not be a Christmas movie.


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