It’s the half way point of our Christmas movies recap series as we go back to 1992 and look at the family favourite (and Jamie’s favourite) The Muppet Christmas Carol. Did Jamie ruin our planned month of Christmas movies by making us watch this movie? Is this movie better for muppet fans or Christmas fans? How does the episode go from a family friendly movie to talking about penises pretty quickly? Can we find anyone who doesn’t like Michael Caine? Are we learning too much about Jamie hitting puberty? Should David Bowie be in this film with his massive dong? Does Tiny Tim deserve to die? Is the soundtrack incredibly overrated? Is Scrooge right to shut down all the shady characters in this film? Is that Borat wearing a thong? How do muppets and humans co-exist in this movie? Do muppets think they’re human? Do humans think they’re muppets? Can muppets and humans mate? Why are they called muppets and not just puppets? Do vegetables wear shoes? And can Jamie keep it together long enough to finish this episode? It’s one fun and somewhat strange episode so get into it and have god bless us all!



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