Let’s get into another Christmas movie in the lead up to Christmas shall we? What amazingly awesome holiday favourite should we look at this week? How about a movie that we had barely heard of and we’re sure you’ve barely heard of too? A movie with another wrestler in it and so many random recognisable faces that you will wonder if you’re watching The Avengers of Christmas movies. What movie are we talking about? The epic film that is Santa’s Slay of course! Why on earth had we never heard of this movie before? Why does Colin wish that James Caan got burnt instead of Fran Drescher? Why does Nicholas start off really annoying but then actually turns out hilarious? How great is the grandpa? Is Bill Goldberg too suited for this role? How is it possible for Emilie de Ravin to actually be a better actor with an American accent than in all 6 season of Lost with her natural Australian accent? Does this movie have some incredibly clever gags that need more credit? And why are so many scenes so random by are so amazing? Strap yourself in for one hell of a fun and random Christmas movie!



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