Hard to believe it’s that time of year again where we get into the Christmas spirit and look at some Christmas movies! This year it’s going to be even more fun, as we look at some random and fun Christmas titles that you may not expect, starting with a movie that nobody should ever be forced to watch unless a podcast tells you to, the 1996 film Santa With Muscles. Why is Ben apologising from the beginning of this episode for making people watch this film? How did the thing of wrestlers being movie stars not get blacklisted after this movie forever? Why have we put a time limit on this episode? Is the fight between Ed Begley Jr and Hulk Hogan the fight of a generation? Do we condone violence against children after watching this movie? Why do the police use a rocket launcher as a method of defence? And why the hell did we actually waste our time on this? Click away and listen to be more entertained than you ever were watching the movie!


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