It’s time to draw our anniversary  month closed for another year by looking at one film we know you hate, but one film we will aim to have you love by the end of our episode as we look at the super underrated classic that is 1998s Godzilla. Why is everyone the ‘star’ of this movie? Does Nick have a weather playlist ready to go everytime the weather changes? How great is Hank Azaria? Does Maria Pitillo deserve all the hate she gets? Which random Die Hard actor do we need to pay more attention to when he makes an appearance? Why should Desperate Housewives fans like this movie? #JusticeForONeal. What parts of this movie are extremely dated 20 years on? Just how dumb are some of the plots in this movie that we can still forgive because it’s just so damn entertaining? Do we like the look Godzilla himself? Can Colin & Ben roar like Godzilla? How much is the final sequence an ode to Jurassic Park? Why are we still listening to the soundtrack 20 years later? And just why should you love this movie even though you don’t? Get involved, get into it and get your size to matter as we make you realise you’ve been wrong for all this time for not liking this film!



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