Well it’s been one hell of a long season of Nip/Tuck with season 5 finally coming to a close and with such an interesting ride full of highs and lows, it’s time to sit down and go over everything with our season 5 recap! There will be plenty more Eden talk, Teddy 1.0 talk, Colleen talk and Bradley Cooper talk as well as groaning and cringing at some stories that we guess we have to mention. So be prepared for a very bipolar season recap just like the season itself as we go over the 5th season of Nip/Tuck in the best and most perfect way we can!

At the end of each season, Ben & Nick will rank the season in order from their favourite to least favourite. After five seasons the standings are as follows:

1 Season 4 Season 2
2 Season 2 Season 4
3 Season 1 Season 1
4 Season 3 Season 5
5 Season 5 Season 3

Also at the end of each season, Ben & Nick will compile their favourite 5 moments and produce a video showing these moments. Sadly however the video has been blocked for copyright purposes, so our top 5 moments for season 5 are as follows:

  • 5 – Colleen kills Bob by stuffing him like a bear (Episode 11 – Kyle Ainge)
  • 4 – Christian & Sean discuss Christian’s cancer over a cigar (Episode 20 – Budi Sabri)
  • 3 – Gina’s Death (Episode 10 – Magda & Jeff)
  • 2 – Matt sets himself on fire while cooking meth (Episode 7 – Dr Joshua Lee)
  • 1 –  Colleen stabs Sean and the aftermath (Episode 15 – Ronnie Chase)



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