We’re back for the longest anniversary month ever as we move into our third part of the ‘month’ by celebrating the 25th anniversary of one of the most underrated movies in the history of movies, the epic and awesome Last Action Hero. Just how much of this episode will be done as an Arnie impersonation? Are all the bits that don’t make sense down to deliberate plot holes or are they actually plot holes? Is the ‘shut up down there’ guy the best guy in the movie? Why doesn’t Ben understand how relationships and sex can work? Does this movie play up well to the stereotypes or go too far with them? Is Nick the projectionist a bit too creepy for our liking? How great are all the cameos and could anyone but Arnold Schwarzenegger have pulled it off? Is Austin O’Brien living in a forgotten 90s star house somewhere in Hollywood? And should this movie get more love than it ultimately gets? Strap in, be prepared and get blown up with one fun ride!



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