It has been 25 years since it was 300 years down to the day since the Sanderson Sisters have put a spell on movie fans everywhere. What better movie to wrap up our series of Halloween episodes than the cult classic Hocus Pocus. At what point did this go from being a massive bomb for Disney to being the most popular Halloween movie in the world? Why are so many things only noticeable when you watch it in HD on Blu Ray? Will the listeners side with Rossi and Jamie in loving this movie or with Colin and Jarrod in not getting the big deal? Will the listeners side with Rossi in liking Max as a character or everyone else in thinking he’s an idiot? Who is the real star of the film, Dani or Binx the cat? Why is such a big deal made out of Max being a virgin? And just what sorcery did these witches conjure up that allows for cats to talk in such a convincing fashion? If margarine and drivers permits were a thing in 1693, then podcasts surely must have been as well! So do as the Sanderson Sisters would and download this recap now. And don’t forget your yabbos!



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