Doo doo doo doo, snap snap! It’s the start of our Halloween series as we go back to the 1991 movie adaptation of The Addams Family! How well does this Halloween classic hold up 27 years later? What sorcery did Christopher Lloyd use to make himself appear to short? Why did Colin think that half of this movie was actually the sequel? How many off screen deaths does Rossi pick up on in the background? Could the Gordon/Fester turn have been clearer to the audience? From cookies made of real girl scouts to Uncle Nicknack’s seasonal wardrobe, is it possible to pick a funniest moment? How do you want to spend your Halloween, playing a good old game of wake the dead, or listening to our recap of the TV to film adaptation that started the craze of TV to film adaptations. With a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey and a hey. MAMUSHKA!



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