The start of Anniversary month is finally here, and we’re kicking it off with the 40th anniversary of the 1978 musical classic Grease. How badly do you want to hear 4 co-hosts break into Grease karaoke in the middle of the episode? As die hard fans can Jamie and Mallory explain the plot of this movie? Why hasn’t Colin ever been able to watch this start to finish? Did Ben learn pickup lines from Vince Fontaine? How many exes does Rizzo really have? Will your dental hygiene improve if you brusha brusha brusha? And what is it about this movie that’s making everyone so gassy? It’s the podcast 40 years in the making, so if you loved this movie at first sight and don’t feel the need to put up a fight then download this episode now that goes together with the film like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong!



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