It’s a full house as we bring you a panel of 5 hosts to talk about the epic finale of The Amazing Race Canada: Heroes Edition. Can Colin make a strong enough case in support of Courtney and Adam’s win to convince Mallory that they were amazing? What makes Jarrod go on a Hulk like rant against Ben for spoiling part of the season? Did Rossi cheat to win the pre-season predictions game? Was Taylor’s wipe out in the GT challenge the most painful looking accident in Amazing Race history? Are Dylan and Kwame still looking for the other 21 souvenir shops in Banff? How are Martina and Phil like Rupert from Survivor?Is alternatability a word? Coming to you live from a living room in Winnipeg, it’s the final recap of the season. Download now and ALWAYS take notes. Meep meep.


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