Today we bring you a special tribute to the late Burt Reynolds, the man who could drive any forkin’ thing he wants as we talk about all of his most famous films and the legacy he left. We could think of no better tribute to one of Hollywood’s greatest icons than to recap his most famous film, 1977’s Smokey and the Bandit. Colin is joined by Billy Garcia to cover all the stunts, all the cars, and all the endless one-liners. How did Burt Reynolds usher in the modern era of movie stars? Can we understand Sally Field’s backstory as she babbles while changing in the front seat of a Trans Am? How is Jackie Gleason both scum and hilariously enjoyable at the same time? Is Junior the unsung hero of this movie? Can a 70s action comedy really be this great when the entire plot is simply driving a truck full of beer across state lines? Join us as we pay our last respects to Burton Leon Reynolds. Watch the movie and download the episode that will make you 10-100 and 10-200 in your pants.



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