It’s the beginning of BAD MOVIE month here on the Oz Network, and we’re kicking it off with the 2016 bomb Gods of Egypt. How did the once acclaimed Director of The Crow and Dark City wind up making this disaster? Why in a movie with a constant sand storm is nobody ever dirty? Is Gerard Butler more of a hero than villain? Why do CGI crowds just wander around aimlessly? Was it necessary to make the God of Wisdom goofy comic relief? Why does Rossi want a political version of this movie? Was Colin really possessed to cover this in a podcast just to prove his wife wrong? And can we make any sense out of a movie with glowing eyeballs, Gods transforming into Transformers, Geoffrey Rush battling a giant space worm on a space station, Chadwick Boseman serenading a head of lettuce, and (again) a never ending sand storm that nobody gets dirty from? If you can’t strike a 3 legged elephant but can successfully click a download link then listen to the opening episode of our Bad Movie Month that has all the Gods, Humans and space worms raving.



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