It’s time for our second review of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, and this time we’re talking about it WITH spoilers, so be warned. Do Ben and Colin agree on their assessment of this movie? Was the main twist of this movie too predictable? Why are we so excited to finally see one of the film’s stars in a mask? Did the Henry Cavill mustache hit the spot for Ben as much as it did for Jamie last week? Is Jeremy Renner destined to sit out every movie for the rest of his career? How did Ben not realize one of the villains of this movie was related to one of our favourite characters from the 1996 original? After 6 weeks covering 6 movies over the course of 22 years are we at long last FEELING BETTER? It’s time for us to talk about all the halo jumps, motorcycle stunts, helicopter flights and of course running, plenty of RUNNING!



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