Well it’s another mission that apparently is impossible and this week it’s our turn to do the impossible by trying to find good things to talk about when it comes to the 2000 blockbuster Mission: Impossible 2 and continue our Mission: Impossible month in the lead up to Mission: Impossible – Fallout. Are we happy that Tom Cruise has long hair in this movie? Is Ambrose a good villain? Why should there have been more done to explore the relationship between Ethan and Ambrose? How amazing is Thandie Newton while also being pretty bland in this movie at the same time? Should we be shocked to see Anthony Hopkins? Why is there….soooooo…..much…..sloooooowwww….mooooooooooooo? How great is it to see Sydney from Australia rather than Sydney from Canada? Why does Tom Cruise want you to FEEL BETTER? And why is the action in this movie up there with some of the best action ever shot to film? You can accept all those questions and more by listening without having your sunglasses blow up!



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