We are here to talk about Ocean’s 8, otherwise known as Ocean’s 4, the all female sequel/spin-off of the original Ocean’s trilogy. Colin is joined by Jamie, bringing her unique female perspective to the show. How did Sandra Bullock not live up to being George Clooney’s sister? Why is Cate Blanchett the perfect female Brad Pitt? How did Anne Hathaway steal this entire movie away from such a stacked cast? Why was Jamie okay with sharing her date night with Rihanna?  Why did this movie struggle to give half the characters any purpose? In typical Oz Network style, why are we not sold on the “villain” being such a bad guy? And how does this movie succeed where the all female Ghostbusters failed? Whether you’re a fan of heist movies, the Oceans series, or anything with the great James Corden, this movie and episode have it all. Unless you’re looking for Matt Damon, as apparently he’s no longer here. Or was it Matt Demon? We can’t remember.



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