It’s time to get Jurassic again as we move into the final film in our epic Jurassic Park month by looking at the movie nobody excepted to be as big as it was, Jurassic World from 2015. Do Ben & Colin like this movie or has it gotten worse with age? How bad are the kids in this film and why do we hate them so much? Is this movie supposed to be a Christmas movie? Why do the kids have such horrible parents? Is Claire amazing or annoying? Which character do both the boys agree is the best character in the movie? How is this movie sexist? Do we like the fact that dinosaurs have been genetically engineered further than they should be? Should Raptors be able to be trained? Is Owen always right or is he just an idiot? Do we like Jimmy Fallon? Why are the kids happy after nearly dying? Is the Indominus Rex simply trying to save the dinosaurs and not kill them? Why is Zara killed so graphically? And why does this movie make Colin & Ben slightly scared for the sequel? Get all those answers and more in yet another amazing podcast you will remember forever!



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