We’re back for our third part of the greatest month ever to be a month with our Jurassic Park month as we get closer and closer to Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and today it’s time to get a bit bipolar, a bit different and a bit in the middle as we look at the ever divisive Jurassic Park 3. Can Colin’s love of this movie sway Ben into liking it more? Why is this movie more fun than it should be? How on earth does Colin find a way to defend the worst scene in the history of the franchise? How dumb is the Spinosaurus? Are the raptors really that smart they could pretend to be statues? Why is Ben the real star of this film? Is Billy pointless? Does Eric suck or shine? Why is Charlie also the star of this movie? Is Alan a badass? How creepy is the phone? And should the people in this film trust the Kirby’s in doing their bathroom when they get home? It’s time to wake from a dream of talking cows and fly through the air into the rocks as we get into one film that will leave you thinking more than you thought you would think.



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