Today we bring you a sort of double episode as we first go through mini reviews of the 18 existing MCU movies complete with our rankings of the franchise up until this point. Following that we give you our final preview of Avengers: Infinity War. While Ben and Colin break down all 18 Marvel films, Mallory gives her 8 cents on the 8 MCU films she has actually seen. Which movies do we all seem to hate? Which movies do we all seem to love? Which ones definitely deserve a second look? Which ones are worse than anyone is willing to admit? Just who is most likely to die in Infinity War? What are our thoughts on the Fox merger and the possibility of X-Men or Fantastic Four coming into the MCU? Why are Ben and Colin arguing over Natalie Portman and Hayley Atwell? Who tops our largest ever game of Rank-The-Shirtless-Chris? With 3 people talking nearly 20 movies and approximately 183 characters you can’t waste a minute, so download our Preview/Review now.


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