In a complete reversal of last week, for Avengers: Age of Ultron we find Jamie enjoying herself and Colin getting frustrated over how bad everything is in the movie. What changed in the special effects to make everything look so cartoony? Why does Thor send Iron Man to take care of all his family business? Why does Ultron suddenly decide to stop flying and take a smooth ride in an enclosed trailer instead? Why was there so much criticism for Black Widow’s character in this movie, and why were all of those criticisms so wrong? Can Colin convince Jamie by the end of this recap that nothing in this movie makes sense? What relevance does a recap on an Avengers movie have to Colin peeing in his neighbours yard as a child? How many jokes can we count about Jeremy Renner finally being interesting? Are Scarlet Witch and Vision the best things about this movie? Where does Scarlet Witch’s accent go in mid sentence? How bad does Quicksilver suck compared to the other Avengers? How bad does Quicksilver suck compared to the X-Men version? Seriously people…… how bad does Quicksilver suck? The answers to all these questions and so many more can be found in this, our second episode in Avengers month. Beware of spoilers….. like the sucky death of Quicksilver….. cause Quicksilver sucks, and he dies…… or does he?



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