It’s our latest spoiler free review, and this time we bring you a review of a movie we guarantee almost none of your have seen or heard of before. It’s 7 Days in Entebbe starring two of Colin’s favourite actors, Daniel Bruhl and Rosamund Pike, which is only half the reason he felt the need to review this one for the network. In a fairly accurate adaptation of a famous terrorist hijacking/ hostage crisis, why are so many of the negative opinions out there for this film completely wrong? What are the real reasons why it might be a hard movie to like? What reasons are there to really like this movie? How does an Israeli version of Lord of the Dance create a thrilling climax? And is Idi Amin crazier than he is charming? If you have no knowledge about the real story, had no idea this movie existed, or have no interest in seeing it until it goes to Netflix, be sure to click the link and listen to this review to hear how everyone is is wrong.



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