Well with a new reboot of Tomb Raider about to hit our screens what better way to celebrate then by going back to the magical year that was 2001 and remember the first attempt at a movie based on the iconic video game as we look at Lara Croft: Tomb Raider in a recap that is sure to divide our hosts. Can Ben finally sell this movie to Colin? Will Colin care enough to want to be sold on it? Why does the robot scene at the very beginning automatically divide both our hosts? Is Angelina Jolie a good or bad action star? What is the deal with Daniel Craig’s accent? How amazing are Hilary and Bryce? Are the sets so terrible it takes away from the scenes? What about the CGI? Can the soundtrack at least be praised? And is there anything from this film to look forward to moving into the sequel or the reboot? It’s time to get raiding your tomb and find out before we end up giving you random quotes that at least 50% of our hosts don’t understand.



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