Now that it is all said and done, how did we feel about the Star Trek Discovery finale and the season as a whole? If you’ve been listening up until now you probably already know how unimpressed we’re going to be, but did anything prepare Colin and Jamie for the severe letdown of this finale? When CBS decided to extend this season with an extra 2 episodes we should have known they’d put absolutely no effort into it. What we are left with is the most pointless finale in Star Trek history filled with even more sad attempts to be edgy and progressive, like Star Trek prostitution, Star Trek strip clubs, Star Trek cocaine use. Don’t forget every villain of this season suddenly being given a free pass. We’re sure this all made sense in the writers heads, but we’re left just a little bit lost. While this wildly uneven season is wrapping up, we do have more exciting Star Trek plans on the horizon, so be sure to stay tuned to the end of this episode to hear what we’ll be covering next!


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