It’s time to bring home our Winter Olympics month in style as we look at our 4th film of the month with the 2016 hit Eddie The Eagle! Why has it taken us so long to do a Hugh Jackman movie? Is his accent passable in this film? Does Colin finally accept Taron Egerton as an actor? Why are all German bartenders horny? Why are all Norwegian skiers douches? Why do Finnish people like to pull each others fingers? Does Colin have a heart? Why does his son get excited when he sees Eddie land? What did Ryan Lochte think of this film? Why are all snooty British people snooty? Could this film be more connected to Cool Runnings than we think and start a Calgary 1988 cinematic universe? Will Ben ever be an Olympian? And who is weirder to see in this film: Jim Broadbent or Christopher Walken? It’s all in the sky and ready to fly so get your bowls of Hall & Oates ready to go as you prepare to listen!



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