The Amazing Race heads off to Czech Republic, the nation famous for dull astronomical lectures, rooms full of ringing corded phones and children pointing and laughing at you. As we near the half way point in the Race both Rossi and Colin seem to be in complete agreement that none of these teams really seem all that competitive, except for one extremely polite and fair “villain” who has now been at the center of both Gnomegate and Kafkagate. We talk more about the Firefighters than we ever thought possible. Meanwhile the editors of the show somehow forgot who they were this week. Or maybe every team is now getting branded as Henry and Evan going forward. If you really want to see the claws come out, or were equally disappointed that not a single team on this season is capable of bringing the claws out, or are just searching for the meaning of life or wife, then this episode is the answer you have been searching for.



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