Now that we’ve come to the end of the Mirror Universe story arc on Star Trek Discovery, are we happy that it’s over, happy that it had a satisfying conclusion, happy Michelle Yeoh is still here, happy that Lorca’s weird light sensitivity actually had a point to it, or happy that the season is that much closer to being over? The answer is all of the above. With some good things to talk about including Michelle Yeoh getting to show off her stuff in a real fight scene to Lorca turning out to be completely different than we expected him to be, we now start focusing on what’s left to happen in this season, not to mention who will actually survive for a season 2. We also talk about whether or not season 2 should become completely different season in an anthology format. Join us for our 3rd to last Star Trek recap of the season as we head back to the regular universe where everything is sure to be that much less interesting again going forward.


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