If you’re a hero and need to rest then now is your time to do so as we continue on with our EXCLUSIVE coverage of Third Watch by moving to the half way point of season 2 with the 11th episode entitled A Hero’s Rest! In what is one powerful episode, Ben & Dorvell go over what makes this such a tear jerker and why this has a couple of moments that just might make the top 5 at the end of the season. There is also the group of lucky lotto numbers to get to, the introduction of arguably the biggest side character in the entire show as well as one of the best closing scenes to an episode in the entire series. It’s a powerful one, so get the tissues ready and find yourself ready to cry.



One thought on “Third Watch Season 2, Episode 11 ‘A Hero’s Rest’ Recap

  1. I look back at episodes like Heroes Rest and After Hours and have to shake my head as to why this show garnered so little attention. Obviously from web sites like this one and podcast replays like those Ben is doing this show still has a following. It’s even more amazing when you think a generation has gone from birth to college since it first aired and this following is based on just two seasons.

    I was thinking of how to express just how important this show was and still is to me…and moreso why it should be on DVD.

    I guess the best way is that when I moved across country last year (1900 miles) most of my belongings were placed in a trailer that my brother would deliver a month or so later. Not in that trailer were my vhs tapes of Third Watch. It had been my intention to transfer them from vhs to DVD but there just hadn’t been a moment in time that i did that. With two people and two 50+ lb dogs who needed space to move there was about 15 cubic feet of space (about the size of an average cedar chest) for special stuff that i would have been devastated if it arrived in the truck broken. One such box was twenty-seven VHS tapes some simply labeled TW as that’s all I needed so as to not reuse them. Due to the heat at that time of year I made a place in my car for my beloved show tapes to protect them from the heat that would surely destroy them in an uncontrolled temperature trailer.

    In packing my car, glove box, under the seats, no space went unused but still something had to give so i ended up shipping some stuff. I had someone ask what’s in this box marked “TW goes in car”? It wasn’t up for debate.

    You look at life and think of how something important to you today isn’t so important five or ten years from now. You sometimes ask “why do i still have this”? That isnt the case with these tapes. Since no one has saved our show beyond seasons one and two that box would not leave my car. Since the move I have dubbed them all to DVD. Not the best quality in some cases and missing about fifteen episodes between seasons 3-6 including one or my favorites “firestarter” but they are that’s left of this show.

    That’s how good this show was. Even almost twenty years later it still earned a space in my car.


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