In what is our most debated episode yet for Star Trek Discovery, Colin and Jamie  debate all the good and bad in episode 6 ‘Lethe’. In an episode that brings back another classic Star Trek character in Sarek, we argue whether the backstory between he and Burnham was warranted of an entire episode, or if it was just 45 minutes of rainbow road filler. While Jamie is finally warming up to Jason Isaacs as the Captain, Jason Isaacs as the Captain is busy warming up to his admiral. While Colin is still getting frustrated with Burnham overkill in this show, we give you a new theory on Stamets and that bizarre mirror scene that ended last week’s episode. And in an episode filled with debate between your hosts, we present to you Cadet Tilly. Is she the new Wesley Crusher, is she better than Wesley, or is she worse? Listen to this week’s recap and let us know your thoughts.


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