Another season of Australian Survivor is now in the books and it’s time to give it one more look in and go over all the best and worst bits in our season 4 recap! Ben & Noah go over what moments they thought worked, the players that dominated and the hope there is for another season. They also go over the bits that failed to work, the players that failed to fire and everything else that just happens to go with such an episode. They also have the honour of bringing you the top 5 moments from the season as well as just being themselves in what is one fun episode! So tune in! Get excited! And make sure you get one more taste of Australian Survivor before it’s too late!

At the end of each season, Ben & Noah will rank the season in order from their favourite to least favourite. Taking into account the previous three seasons that preceded this one, their rankings are as follows:

1 Season 4 Season 4
2 Season 1 Season 3
3 Season 3 Season 2
4 Season 2 Season 1

Also during this episode, Ben & Noah compiled their favourite 5 moments and produce a video showing these moments. Sadly however the video has been blocked for copyright purposes, so our top 5 moments for season 4 are as follows:

  • 5 – The waterfall reward won by Asaga (Episode 8)
  • 4 – Jericho & the cookie moral dilemma (Episode 4)
  • 3 – Michelle wins individual immunity & the car (Episode 23)
  • 2 – Henry doesn’t play his idol and is blindsided (Episode 18)
  • 1 – Ziggy plays her ‘super idol’ eliminating Anneliese (Episode 17)



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